The most awesome castles in the world

Castles are imposing structures, and were built in strategic locations to control either river or road passage in medieval times. While function was certainly the most important aspect of building a castle, these structures can also be incredibly beautiful.  There are so many amazing castles throughout the world that it is difficult to make a list of the ten best, but here are the ten castles that I think every Game of Thrones fan should visit.


Bodiam Castle, East Sussex
One of the most perfect moated medieval castles in the land. The towers, reflected in the water, look as they would have done 600 years ago when Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a knight of Edward II, rode up to his new home. Although the hundred years war was still raging and there was the threat of armed Frenchmen gliding up the waterways to Bodiam, the castle was designed as a style statement rather than a fortification. But its assertive looks discomforted Parliamentarians during the civil war and unhappily they gutted it to prevent it being used as a Royalist defence. Enough curling stone stairways remain, however, for modern-day adventuring along the battlements.

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